The Merdeka Stadium (Independence Stadium)

The Merdeka Stadium
Yes, it is the Merdeka Stadium right in the middle of KL City. For those who were here for Interhash 1998 & the 60th anniversary, it is the very same Venue.

However, access to the Merdeka stadium now is much improved and convenient with an LRT station one side and an MRT on the other.

The hotel rates around the area are being negotiated and should be finalised within the week.

So please hold on there for discounted rates and other information.

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The world's first hash chapter fondly known as Mother Hash was officially registered in Dec 1938. Mother Hash runs on Mondays at 1800 hours. Our runs are typically 8 to 12 KM & occasionally you may be lucky to get a 15 KM run.
So you need balls to run with Mother. And here is a life time opportunity. Don't miss it.

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