Happenings at
'Bukit Idaman'

Run Nr.: 3695
Date: 29th September
Hare: Eng Yee Guan
Co-Hares: Mystery co-Hares
Runners: 70
Distance: ~ 7km.
Checks: 7
FROPs: Super Old Man, Yap Foo Hoi
Time: 7.35pm
Guests: Reed and Pete
Returnees: Tan, David and Alaistir

The On Sec was not on the run today and the the JM Bon was quiet in the shadows because he lost his voice.
But Ex - On Sec John was about and here is his report.

Things did not start well.

I set off early to a run site close into town and got stuck in a traffic jam on the Duke highway for ¾ hour. It was raining but the total lack of movement would seem to indicate there had been an accident somewhere.

The slip road to Selayang Hospital was backed up so being a clever fella I went up to the Bukit Lagong exit and doubled back. Going into the "usual" run site behind the Shell station well after 6 there was nobody there. The run directions did say Bukit Idaman so on to the next run site. I overshot the run site sign only to see Don Cheng gesturing to the junction. I won't say I was late but the walkers were on their way back. Two U turns and a drive up the hill brought me to the run site. After carefully parking I then found I had forgotten my shoes! At this point the walkers were returning so I gave up on the thought of exercise and hung around the beer wagon waiting for beer O'clock with everyone else.

At this point Russell told me On Sec had pulled a sickie and Bon had lost his voice so guess who was next in line to do the circle. I knew I should have abandoned the trip to the run when I was sitting in the traffic jam. Dennis Koo was stuck in the same jam and did not get to the run until well after 7, having also visited the wrong run site on the way.

The 4.30 crowd started to arrive back at the site at 7.00, usually a good omen for the run, and the first runner in got back at 7.35 closely followed by most of the pack. After the heavy rain storm it got dark at about 7.15 so the final run up the hill on the road was welcome to the runners after the darkness of the jungle. (Future Hares take note; we are getting to the time of the year where darkness falls early.)

The run synopsis was that it went into the FRIM to near the canopy walkway and there was a lot of climbing with the biggest hill reserved for the return leg.

There was plenty of beer in the tub. The Hare provided two slabs in payment for last week's Bomoh while next week's hare, Lin Kam Cheong, put in a slab for this week's Bomoh. On Cash reserved one slab for next week.

The Circle started with our two new members Pete and Reid on the box. Reid was chosen as this week's Butler with Pete sent to hone his skills for next week.

With a butler in place the hare was called to the box. There were only 3 co-hares with Ah Kah appearing to be the mastermind. A good run verdict was agreed by all.

On Cash gave his usual bleat about lack of funds but then moved on to more serious matters. Yap Foo Hoi has been running with Mother for 20 years and still managed to come in second on today's run. Dennis is not so fast these days but he has been running for over twice as long, 45 years! Both got badges to reflect their achievement.

Interhash Sec made announcements about the Full Moon Ballbreaker on 19th October and the 80th. Ex On Sec got Hardy and Opera on the box as we have received our first 80th registration from the States, from an unmentionable. While Hardy evasively read out the contents of the registration, ex On Sec stumbled during his encouragement, said an unmentionable word and took his punishment.
We only had one visitor today, a co hare, but he had disappeared before the circle.

Tan, David Hirst and Alaistir were our returnees. Alaistir had turned up in his office gear but was lucky enough to have been handed his Merdeka shirt on arrival so slipped it on and so avoided a cleansing in the tub for his office shirt.
Hardy Boy was not so lucky. He was spotted sporting a Hash shirt with a Royal Safe Deposit logo but no Mother Hash logo. Washing in the tub failed to find a hidden Mother hash logo.

Next up was a Jega look alike, David Hirst (they both wear glasses) and Bon for both being sick and getting ex On Sec to run the circle. The best medicine known to the Hash was prescribed to aid their recovery.

Slipper Lim had inveigled Steven Leong to be his stand in Bomoh.

Kenny Soh was first up for getting his unmentionable to bring him to the run site.

SuperOldMan, Monkey and Ah Kah were next on the box for being fast runners. Their lack of handicap (weight) being the reason.

Taufu Soo, Ah Kah and Wong Cheong were next up for only doing 6 not 7 km on the run tonight.

Michael Lee got a birthday drink and then the next charge involved Playboy for using a GPS which is not really hashing and Taufu Soo for not needing a GPS as he got his directions from smelling the beer wagon.

Charges from the floor included Russell getting Steven Leong and Tyson Foo on the box for doing such an excellent job of parking attendants before the run and squeezing twice as many cars onto the run site as normal.

Opera and Ah Chai were on the box as well but by this time beer was running out and thoughts turned to food.

The On On was at a new restaurant for the Hash, Canton Kitchen @ Paragon Utama, which caused some consternation as the directions were read out. They seemed to work though as the Hash filled the restaurant for some excellent food.
The damage per head was a subsidised RM 10 per head and the Hash thanked the hare for another good night's Hashing.

A short word for a short run from Rob:

Short run - 7km but 3 big hills, total ascent about 650m, and FROPs at 7.35pm
Parking by "Greenhills' condominium in Bukit Idaman, just along the road from La Gong.

In trail along fence posts, looks like they are fencing in FRIM.
First check On sec's check down the bottom of a valley and a back check back up the hill to a wide open track.

Then turned right following Damansara paper (almost all the way).

First climb, at top turn left to check Ah Man first there. Inviting slope down, I found paper, but Ah Man checked across and found false trail, so we go down turn right at bottom of hill onto a good trail. Meandering around and then to a sharp right to a check as the path peters out. simple check paper straight.

Follow trail to canopy walk and another diversion off the main trail to a check. False trail on the main track, paper found by Ah Man up a slope with signboard warning enter at your own risk.

Big hill and then down to the power lines where we could hear the FROPs at the second check. Now wide running tracks but a bit steep and muddy for running. This wide trail leads to La Gong and check laid on a turn off. TT finds the back check across the power lines and onto a jungle track which eventually leads to the conurbation and the run back to the beer wagon.